14 Things That No One Knows About Israel

14 Things That No One Knows About Israel

Hi buddddddyyyyy, I see you are a curious one… Have I got that right?
Today I wanna share with you some curious about Israel. Are you ready?

  1. Israel has 137 official beaches along its 273 km of shoreline.
  2. Apart from hebrew there are about 35 languages and dialects spoken in Israel, including Marathi, northern Uzbek and Aramaic.
  3. Israel is the first country to place a ban on the use of underweight models.
  4. Israel is the only country in the world whose number of trees increases on a yearly basis. With all this sun we can’t afford to run out of shade.
  5. Every year, 1000 letters arrive in Jerusalem, Israel addressed to God.

6. If a modern-day Israeli were to meet his ancestor from 2000 years ago, they would be able to carry on a conversation.
7. Israel is so small, you can run from west to east in 2 hours and from north to south in 9 days
8. Israel is among the IO leading countries in life expectancy in the world with an average of 83 years.
9. Israel’s population is 1.6 percent of the middle east and its land area is only 1/10 of 1% of the region’s land area.

10. The most popular sport in Israel is Matkot (beach tennis)
11. Per capita, Israel has the highest number of academics, patents, startup companies and Jewish mothers in the world.
12. Some of the things invented in Israel: the USB stick, IM technology, antivirus, original cell-phone technology, the pillcam, solar energy water heaters, smart drip and micro-irrigation, painless hair removal, anti jellyfish sting gel, laser keyboards, unmanned flight technology, cherry tomatoes, gesture control and hands-free computers.
13. Just a few globally successful companies that started in Israel, like Waze (this app is super!), Fiverr, Soda Stream, Mobileye, GetTaxi.
14. According to Travelers’ Digest, Tel Aviv is among the top 10 cities with the world’s most beautiful women and good-looking man.

I hope that you loved those things about Israel… Did you know those? Comment here below. If you’re planning to visit Israel remember to check if you have the right documents/visa to enter, and be aware before changing the money!


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