30 Seconds To Mars live at Coca Cola Dome Johannesburg

30 Seconds To Mars live at Coca Cola Dome Johannesburg

Johannesburg, friday 21st, Novembre 2014, 30 Seconds To Mars live… when I’m gonna buy the tickets for the show? The same afternoon of course! I got the tickets online, a trouble! Websites here in South Africa are everything than efficient, price is 30€ per person.

My expectation isn’t so high because I’ve read nearly everywhere that Jared Leto’s band on live performances isn’t really good… I remember to have seen a short live clip in Germany this summer and I wasn’t so enthusiastic…

But no problem, we’re here in Johannesburg, let’s go to see this concert and who cares! The concerts starts at 8pm with a support band, and 30 seconds To Mars starts at 9pm. We’re arrived at Coca Cola Dome, full of people everywhere. It’s playing the support band, if i’m correct they’re south africans, and also quite famous. I didn’t know them but I have to say that they played good!

At 9pm o’clock, it’s starting the intro, it’s delirium and they’re starting with “Up In The Air”, one of the singles. After a few seconds that Jared started to sing, he stopped everything asking to scream louder to the audience. And they restart from the beginning of the song. I’m really annoyed, at the concerts I hate when they stop the songs in halfway.

I watch the stage, something is missing, no drumset, Shannon is missing. After a couple of song Jared explain why his brother isn’t here, it’d seem he was sick.

They’re going through with the setlist with the most famous hits like “This Is War”, “Conquistador”, “Kings And Queens”, till going with n.1 hit IMO “The Kill” and ending with “Closer To The Edge”.

Ok, reading this setlist probably it’d seem an amazing show, but the truth is completely different, not for everybody, for us for sure!

Except for the intro and a couple of songs that have been made only in parts, the setlist was only 10 songs. 10 songs, 1 hour and 45 minutes? Ok, something is wrong here? No! Every 2-3 songs, 10-15 minutes of entertainment break with the audience talking about nothing. Ok entertainment, but it looked like to be on a theatre show than a rock concert… And there’s nothing rock music left here.


Interludes when Jared asked the people to join him to the stage to take pictures and videos for instagram! ‘cmon!

Another question was: Jared can sing his own songs or not? On every song with high notes he was pointing the microphone to the audience to sing them… And it’s not a single occurrence, its happening on every live performance.

And the acoustic interlude? Practically Jared with his acoustic guitar, he sang only the chorus of “Attack”, “Hurricane” (and with the high tones parts, sang by the people) and “The Kill” (same here for the chorus). OMG, “The Kill”, one of the most beautiful song of all time, with an incredible energy, turned into something really weak!!!

Before the last song, another show for kids, Jared has chosen some people from the audience and asked them to join him on stage, and go, all starting to dance with the last song. The point is that the people liked all this, and so, talking in therms of marketing this is a winning formula.

In my opinion this band some years ago was really cool, but probably they’ve tried to get more, and to getting more, they’ve need a new marketing strategy.

It’s not a coincidence that last 2 releases were full choruses extremely simple to sing in every language like OH-OH-OH-OOOO-OHOOO.

Now 30 Seconds To Mars concerts are no longer a rock shows, but just family entertainment (except for some explicit lyrics of sexual references). Personally after saw this I prefer to see a 30STM cover band, to enjoy the energy of their songs!

Vote to the show: 1 (ONE). And probably the worst live band that I’ve ever seen!

This is the checklist:

  1. Carmina Burana: O Fortuna 
  2. Up in the Air 
  3. Search and Destroy 
  4. This Is War 
  5. Conquistador 
  6. Kings and Queens 
  7. Do or Die 
  8. City of Angels 
  9. End of All Days 
  10. Attack
  11. Hurricane 
  12. The Kill (Bury Me) 
  13. Encore:
  14. Bright Lights 
  15. Closer to the Edge 

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