4 Ways to Move in San Francisco

4 Ways to Move in San Francisco

San Francisco is the second largest city in California and moving from place to place, especially during peak hours, it isn’t so simple. Let’s see together all the different options that you have to move in San Francisco.

1. First of all there is the ubiquitous taxis. I wouldn’t spend a lot of words here because everybody knows how to use it, in any case, due to the high cost I wouldn’t recommend it.

2. The car. San Francisco is characterized for being hilly and find free parking spaces, especially in some areas of the city… It’s nearly impossible. If you decide to rent a car be careful about where to park, otherwise you’ll end up like my friends that they rented a car and they spent a lot of money to get the car back from the towing company! If you have a car, my suggestion is to find a hotel or an house (using for example Airbnb) with a private parking included and then move through the city with public transport. If you don’t have a private park maybe you’re interested to know that there are some park spaces that if you arrive early in the morning quite cheap if you leave the car for a full day.

3. By CABLE CAR. The Cable Car is no more than a tram line, just like those of Milan, indeed actually many of them are exactly those! Oh yes, you read that right, Milan trams were purchased and put into use in San Francisco downtown. The cost of a single ticket isn’t cheap of course, it costs about $ 7, in any case you can’t miss the opportunity to have a ride on one of these trams and especially you cannot not see when they arrive at the end of the line as they change the route track! A must see!

4.By public transport. San Francisco has a very extensive and efficient public transport system that will allow you to go everywhere. There are two different transport systems: the BART and MUNI. This is certainly the most efficient transportation in San Francisco that I recommend you.

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