7 Characteristics of A Good Hotel

7 Characteristics of A Good Hotel

I travelled a lot, but I have to say …. never enough… and after I’ve visited a lot of hotels now I know exactly which characteristics a hotel must have!

1. Must be clean! Unfortunately for me, I don’t like to stay in a hotel that looks like an hostel. I think that a part of the travel is also where you’re gonna sleep! Maybe you’re thinking… she’s a snob person… No, I’m not. I’ve been also in a some hotels that hadn’t anything good. But believe me when I came back in the evening, tired after been walking all day with the only desire to have a shower and sleep well, having a bad surprise in your hotel like dirty shower, or hairs everywhere… It isn’t so good, right?

With this I don’t want to say that only 4 or 5 stars hotel are a good choice, absolutely, I just want to say that finding a clean room in a 4-5 stars hotel maybe is more common than in a 1 or 2 stars, and sometimes also a 3 stars hotel isn’t so clean.

This is not a rule! It depends where you’re going to go, sometimes I’ve found a very clean room and a good service also in a 2 stars hotel.


2. The WiFi connection. I really don’t understand when I arrive in a hotel and there’s a sign “we have only the wi-fi in the common areas, or in the hall of the hotel”. Really!!!????? Are you kidding me? The hotels are born to satisfy people needs, like working in a different city, traveling, holidays, and for this reason I think that in 2016 the wi-fi must be available everywhere in the hotel. People need this. That’s not only to check email, fb, whatsapp or other socials… I think it’s important to give this service to allow people to stay in contact with their families. Try to think about this simple payoff “Stay a night with us and you can stay in contact with your family for free”. It’s amazing, you’re far away from home but you can stay in contact with them!

A lot of times when I went back to my hotel and I needed to call my mom with skype I had some connection problems and it was frustrating because after a strong day walking around visiting a city I’m tired and I don’t want to walk again to find a place where the connection works or I don’t want to stay in the hall of the hotel to speak. For me one of the most relevant things that a hotel must have is the wi-fi connection!

3. No moquette! Please! I know that a lot of cities in the world are used to have moquette in the houses and also in a lot of hotels is very common but I just hate it. Even if it’s clean I really don’t like it because I have always the feeling of dirtiness. Is it better a regular floor with parquet or not?

4. No flower bedspreads! I really hate them and when enter in my room and I can see this horrible thing, first I presume they’re dirty (maybe it’s clean but it seems dirty, always!), second they remind me the 80’s. And so the Hotel looks old! Please use modern bedspreads, they’re cheap, but they’re a totally different thing.


5. Bathroom’s space. When I take my beauty case from my luggage to put it in the bathroom and I don’t have a single space where to place it.. It’s really stressful because I know that every time I need something that is inside of it I must go out of the bathroom to take it. Or I have to put it in some desperate places, over the toilet cover, or hanging it somewhere… It’s without any sense.

6. No curtains in shower. With a curtain, after your shower, you’ll find your bathroom flooded obviously! And they’re really anti-estethic… Please use a glass, or a plastic glass, whatever! It’s a lot better and classy!

7. No fixed shower head. Last thing that I’m always asking myself: how can you have a good rinse with a fixed shower head? Every time when I arrive in my hotel room I hope that the bathroom has a mobile shower head and no curtains!

My list of must have things for a hotel isn’t finished yet, I’ve a lot more things to say about what a good hotel must have. These are at the moment the most importants, in another post we can speak about where is it located? How is it the breakfast? …

If you have any suggestion, maybe I forgot something that is really important please write a comment here below, I really love to hear from you!

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  1. Jade Brunet November 28, 2016 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    I appreciate this information about the characteristics of a good hotel. I agree with what was said about the importance of clean rooms. It would be best to come back after a long day of vacationing to an organized suite.

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