A Delicious French Restaurant In Johannesburg : Mon Petit Throbb

A Delicious French Restaurant In Johannesburg : Mon Petit Throbb

When we travel around the world and also when we’re at home me and my boyfriend (the funny and crazy guy with me in some videos) usually eat not so much meat, rather it’s very rare. When we are in South Africa, I don’t know why but he became addicted to South Africa’s meat.
I’m not like him but I admitted that the best meat that I’ve ever eaten is in South Africa. In our journeys we ate in every kind of restaurant and one of that is Mon Petit Throbb in Johannesburg.
The restaurant is enchanting, I really like how furnished it is and the food is really good.
The furnishings are very warm and you feel like you’re at home. They’ve a beautiful terrace so you can eat outside. Unfortunately when we’ve been there, it was full and we ate inside.


Alex ordered a Fillet steak and it was very tasty and soft, not the best one in Johannesburg but still good, I ordered a grilled squid plate and it was good, but I’m Italian I don’t like so much the sauce with the fish, I prefer them with only a little bit of olive oil and parsley. In South Africa is very difficult to find a restaurant that cooks good fish with italian style, but in general is always good but nothing extraordinary.
Mon Petit Throbb is a really nice place where to go for dinner, is always full of people and I suggest you to book a table if you don’t want to wait there for hours.
The service is good all waiters are very kind (as always in South Africa), and I suggest you to go if you’re in Fourways area.


The restaurant address is very easy to reach, it’s in front of Montecasino: 2, Long Point Office Park, Montecasino Blvd & Witkoppen Rd, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2128, South Africa.

Enjoy your meal guys!

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