Breakfast in San Francisco? Go to Mama’s

Breakfast in San Francisco? Go to Mama’s

After a 13 hours flight my wake up was with the rising sun then… what’s better than wake up and walking in the neighborhoods to find a place to have breakfast? Asking around the people suggest us to go to Mama’s, a famous breakfast bar. After hearing  “ …at Mama’s you can find amazing pancakes with soft fruits!” … how cannot not to go there at the speed of sound.

Mama's San Francisco

Here we are! 10 minutes walk and we’re in the queue waiting opening time. Every day at breakfast there is a queue outside, unbelievable! Fortunately we’re among the top… I could eat the man behind me if I had to wait!


Mama’s is at 1701 Stockton Street in San Francisco, opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 8am to 3pm; if you think to have here an afternoon snack, forget it, only pancakes for breakfast.
Menù is various and tasty, if you want take a look you can go on Mama’s website. Personally I’ve tried pancakes with soft fruits and it was delicious, only thinking about it my mouth’s watering. If you go there… Remember that you can pay only with cash because they don’t accept credit cards.

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