Bryanston Organic & Natural Market in Johannesburg

Bryanston Organic & Natural Market in Johannesburg

When I lived in Sandton, Johannesburg for almost a year, I saw Organic Market’s ads everywhere and I said “I’ve to find where it is”… It looked so cool and I wanted to go. A little bit different and smaller than Fourways Farmers Market near Montecasino, but it really worth a visit.

After I found the infos that I needed, on Saturday morning I was ready to discover what would later become one of my favorite (Saturday morning) places in Joburg. The market is quite small, but is very cozy with good vibes.

I really love to go to Bryanston Organic & Natural Market and having breakfast there with a delicious carrot cake and a cappuccino. After that, I love looking for fruits & vegetables shops.

A delicious note to remember: South African carrot cake it’s unforgettable! I’ve also ate it in USA, but isn’t the same! It’s great too but incomparable, if you don’t believe me, I got a pic here and it talks better than any word.

Looks delicious, isn’t it?



You can find over 130 stalls offer quality artisanal and locally products. Shopping options include exclusive jewellery, clothing and accessories, décor, homeware, ceramics and pottery, health & wellness. There are also finely hand crafted wood, leather, glass and metal wares, art, photography and sculpture, curios and collectables.



The Bryanston Organic & Natural Market is a registered trust and part of the Michael Mount Waldorf School, one of 18 registered schools in South Africa that practice Waldorf education. And this is a REAL Waldorf School, not something that we can see here in Italy… I know a person who went to a Waldorf school… OMG… It was everything BUT school. Okok, back to the topic, all profits of the market go towards the development of the school’s infrastructure and the international system of Waldorf education. This is a huge initiative.

This market as I said before, isn’t so big, but it’s really nice to go there especially in the morning and spend some time with friends and have breakfast. From mid November to Christmas there’s also a special thing called moonlight Markets. And it’s really gorgeous during this time because there’s a beautiful atmosphere, everyone is getting ready to Christmas and you can find a lot of ideas for your Christmas gifts to your friends and family.

Something really different to me was… The climate! It was very strange spending my Christmas holiday here in South Africa, because in Italy (north hemisphere) during November and December it’s pretty cold (almost 10 degrees celsius during the day and near zero in the night), completely different to SA where during this time it’s summer time and the temperature is around 28-30 degrees. And this looks pretty strange for Christmas, but so amazing to me that I love the hot weather and this was like having a second summer in a year. I love that.

A few more things to remember before visiting Bryanston Organic Village Market :

  • opening time, every Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 3pm (just those days);
  • location is Sandton, 40 Culross rd (off Main rd), Bryanston, Johannesburg – Gauteng (South Africa).

Enjoy your time in Johannesburg and if you don’t know what else to do, check my other posts here about this city.

Book the tickets in advance and save time!

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