4 01, 2019

The best travel hacks that saved me a lot of money over the years

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During the years a lot of people ask me how I traveled cheaply, and so I decided to share some tips that helped me to save money. I’m interested to travel and have good services, but 5 stars hotel isn’t in my plans, because I prefer to spend my money traveling more instead of [...]

23 12, 2018

Have you canceled your flight, holiday or hotel? Sell your ticket/booking now!

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For most of my travels I booked in advance tickets, hotels... everything! Because the price is usually cheaper. I’m not the one that absolutely needs to fly every time with the same company, I’ve a loyalty card with every airline that I use for sure, but I prefer to find the best solution and [...]

26 11, 2018

Best Way to Exchange Money While Traveling

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WeSwap is a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that helps matches travellers heading in opposite directions and swaps their travel money directly, without use a bank exchange. Was launched in London in 2013 by Jared Jesner and Simon Sacerdoti and currently supports 18 different currencies around the world! You can use WeSwap with a mobile application [...]

30 10, 2018

Contest to win a trip to Copenhagen sponsored by Lonely Planet

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I've never been to Copenhagen, it's in my bucket list but you know... I need to tell you a secret, I'm like a lizard and the idea of visiting a cold city... Mmmmmm I'm always booking in another place... I'm not doing it on purpose... just happens! :-) But I know... there will be [...]