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5 things to know about driving on Left-Hand Side

I bet that you thought (like me) that only in Uk you're going to drive on left hand side? A few years ago I was convinced that people drive on left hand side only in Uk and on right hand side everywhere else in the world. Actually when I started to travel and visiting different

How to Travel & Work? Join The Freelancer Traveler Program

How can you travel and work from everywhere? It seems to be like "to be or not to be, this is the problem" of William shakespeare! I've found around in the web "The Freelancer Traveler Program". What is it? Now I'm going to explain you! This program is very interesting, it helps on assisting remote workers, freelancers,

Google Cheap Flights? Use Google Flights!

Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, Expedia… how many websites exist to buy a flight with a good price. And now, also Google's landed on web with Google Flights. Google Flights is a solid tool for booking travels. I've used it sometimes and it is very easy to use, maybe you’re already familiar with its basic functions or

4 Ways To Sleep For Free When You’re Traveling!

Have you ever dreamt to travel around the world and sleep in a good place for free?Sounds amazing, eh! You have to know that there are some websites that give you a possibility to realize this dream! Now we'll see together which are those. 1. Trusted House Sitters website is very funny and the idea

I want AirBolt!!! Absolutely!

I like to discover all kind of gadgets useful when you're on travel... But not only, I love to discover every kind of gadgets, I'm trying everything I can and I love to share my experience with the products, if they're really valuable, to help people to choose the right purchase! Some days ago I

Why You Don’t Have To Purchase On Travelgenio

Last month I was looking for a flight, and in the comparators websites Travelgenio was the one with the best price. I've tried to make a simulation purchase because many times the price seems to be cheap and then when you arrive at the end of the shopping cart you find that the website adds

7 Characteristics of A Good Hotel

I travelled a lot, but I have to say .... never enough... and after I've visited a lot of hotels now I know exactly which characteristics a hotel must have! 1. Must be clean! Unfortunately for me, I don't like to stay in a hotel that looks like an hostel. I think that a part

7 Rules For Driving In California

When I've been to California, fortunately my friend who lives in LA gave me some tips on traffic rules that you must be complied with. In the beginning I found some of these very useless and then, when I putted them into practice I have to say that I changed my mind; let’s see the

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