ChatSim travel and unlimited chatting with only 10€ year

ChatSim travel and unlimited chatting with only 10€ year

This is a useful tech service for everybody like me that love travel a lot: ChatSim. If you’re always traveling around the world and you can’t effort buying a SIM card for every country you’re visiting, and you know roaming is too expensive, that’s why ChatSim should fits you perfectly.

I said “should” because ChatSim isn’t a regular SIM, it’s a global SIM card that allows you only chatting using famous apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, WeChat, Telegram, BBM, Line, Hike e a few more.

You can’t send SMS or standard phone calls with ChatSim.

Chatting with ChatSim means send text messages and emoticons only, pics, videos and phone calls are not included. Only text messages. And this is for the standard package.

And so why do I need this if I can only use those few features? Many times on traveling we had to send a text to home to our family and other times just warning our friends in South Africa that we’re arrived! And without free wifi we’ve lost so much time looking for a coffee shop with a free wifi just to send a text message…

And now, how much does ChatSim cost?

There’s a 10€ one time activation fee and another 10€ of annual fee. When you buy a ChatSim automatically you’re going to activate the annual fee without automatic renewal. So the first year I’m going to pay 20€ and from the second year it’s only 10€ per year for unlimited chats on WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps.

Instead if you’re interested to send also pics, videos, and have some phone calls, you’ve some other plans that you could use. Just for example, recharging another 10€ you receive 2000 credits that you can spend them sending till 200 pics or  40 videos or 80 minutes of air time for your phone calls. I said “till” because it depends by the country you’re visiting.  On those credits there aren’t any kind of limits, one year ago there was a limit that allowed you to use the credits till a cap within a country and other boring stuff. Now it’s unlimited, uncapped and you can chat without limits.

Where can I use ChatSim in the World?

ChatSim could be used in approximately 150 countries in the world and it’ll connect to more than 250 different carriers to keep the signal always at the top and allow you to use your chats. Here below the world map where you can use ChatSim.


Ok looks great, but where can I buy a ChatSim?

I strongly suggest you to buy it on Amazon following this link because in this way if you need something else on Amazon you you’re very close to the free shipping. Otherwise by their official website you’re going to pay also the shipping costs, about 5£ more.

In conclusion, there’re some limitations about this service, in example you can’t surf on web, and it isn’t a regular SIM card, however it could be really useful if you’re traveling as Backpacker and not only, also if you simply need a quick way to communicate with your family or close friends instantly also without a wifi.

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