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Airport car parking is absolutely a bloodsuckers money-hungry place that I hate the most! 🙂 Please forget that I’m gonna pay € 200+ for a week just to leave the car parked. I can fly with Ryanair and going back just for 60€ or less, it’s never gonna happen that I’ll pay the park twice the price of the flights.

So, I searched around and I found a cheaper way to leave my car and, obviously I’d like to share this with you guys. The trick is: just park the car outside the airport. 😐 “What do you mean?”  You can say… Just not close to the sidewalks somewhere, I mean that you can find a lot of car parks a few minutes away from the airport, with a free shuttle service to the airport. Do it, it’s the best way to leave the car without being ripped off!

I’m usually to get my flights at Marco Polo Venice Airport, Italy, and I always try to book a car park outside the airport… But sometimes it couldn’t be so easy… And the story teaches me! Print this on your mind: book a car park always in advance! I remember one time that I forgot something  a step along the way somewhere, but I wasn’t remember what until when I should park the car 😉 Oh my gosh… I didn’t book a car park outside the airport!!! When I arrived outside the airport, every single car park was fully booked! Damn! I had to park inside the Airport because there was no other way and I spent a fortune! This was the only time.

After I have learned this lesson, I can suggest you to check outside Venice Airport, because there are several car parks, mostly of them with the same rates, i.e. 27 euro for 5 days (a way less inside the airport).

Every car park is similar and offers mostly the same services:

  • Parking open 24/7 with staff member always in attendance;
  • Free shuttle service 24/7 non-stop to and from the airport;
  • Free shuttle service to and from the dock at the Venice airport, from where public and private vaporetto services depart to Venice’s historical city center;
  • You can book the transfer from and to Venezia-Mestre Train Station, if you’re arriving by train;
  • Same for the Cruise! They’ll take you to the boarding area of Venice’s marina in around 15 minutes;
  • And if you need to go to Venice Treviso Airport? No problem, they’ll pick you up, but honestly it’s not the best way for this one.

But which one is the best and cheaper? Alipark.

Alipark is located 2km away from the airport, just a few minutes away with the shuttle to get to the nearby Venice “Marco Polo” Airport. From the airport it’s easy to reach Venice’s historical center and the lagoon islands (Murano, Burano and Torcello) using public transportation (bus and vaporetto). Remember to call them or book directly online on their website before arriving!! This is a thing to do when you’re gonna plan your holidays. Don’t skip this, very important to save a lot of money.

Other car parks close to the airport are: Brusutti, Parkingo, Security Park VeniceBeltPark, etc…

I’ve tried some of these and every time the service was good. As I told you, when I need a car park I prefer to book at Alipark… Only a notice, unfortunately last time the man at the phone was rude… maybe he was on bad day… anyway I hope it was just a spot.

Ok, this is it! Now you have a chance to save a lot of money with this trick, if you have any other suggestion, or a better way to save some extra cashes, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here below and let me know how you did it! Haha, I challenge you! just kidding, I’ll be really happy to read it.

Happy traveling!

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