Chewing Gum Banned From Singapore

Chewing Gum Banned From Singapore

Before visiting Singapore I’ve read an article where there was written that you can’t enter in the country with chewing-gum. At the beginning I thought it was a joke, but when I searched on internet I’ve found that it’s illegal to have any kind of chewing with you, the exception is made for dental or nicotine gum with a medical prescription (I really don’t know which kind of chewing gum needs a medical  prescription!).

This is a very funny and absurd rule but the reason could be smart. Everyone mustn’t chew gums since 1992 because the people stick the chewing gum wherever they want, in the metro, at the theatre, throw them to the sidewalks…. like everywhere unfortunately. For this rudeness, the authority banned both chewing gum use and import in Singapore. For the tourists it seem that you can have some chewing gum only for personal use and you can chew only in hotel.

Due to the very strict Singapore’s law, I suggest you to pay attention and follow the rules. Fines could be really high and you can ruin your vacation not following this.

Singapore is a very beautiful city, except for the costs (everything is really expensive), the streets are clean, every street in quiet and you feel completely safe also if you’re a single girl and you’re going around alone in downtown.

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