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Also this year, Christmas is coming, and the time goes by too fast! I don’t know about you but I’m looking for the latest gifts and honestly I’m still groping in the dark! Turning the various websites of clothes, but not only, underwear, cosmetics, accessories, etc. .. I saw some interesting items that I’ve selected for you.

Let’s start with some jewelry! Beautiful and suitable for all circumstances, I have chosen for you “Tell me Dior” a Dior’s jewelry collection that offers a necklace with a pendant zodiac sign. These beautiful pendants are made of gold, pearls and clear crystals.

The price for the necklace and pendant is approximately 450 Euros.


In addition to this beautiful collection, “Tell me Dior”, given the price certainly isn’t for all, if your idea is to give a jewel you can even think to gift a bracelet Toni & Guy and do so even for charity, you’ll make two presents in one, a very good thing!

An alternative, always appreciated as gift, at least by the women of course, there are the clothes. Here is dependent on your spending budget too. Among the various ideas for Christmas 2013 I loved the line H&M, and so I decided to put some pieces of the collection, I hope that you’ll enjoy it!



Personally, I particularly love the red dress, is beautiful worn, and the two sweatshirts with printed a kiss and the other a owl.


The black for clothing is always the best, there’s not so much to do, it’s the color that never dies! To be always chic! In this picture I like so much the shirt with sequins and faux lace shoes with open toe.

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This last picture there are clothes for every day and very simple.

If you don’t want to choose the right size or the best color for you, remember that there are also some beautiful Christmas gifts as tricks, such i.e. the new collection of Digital Emotion Kiko.

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