Dayton’s Beach: World’s Most Famous Beach

Dayton’s Beach: World’s Most Famous Beach

Daytona Beach, in Florida on the north coast of Miami, isn’t only famous for being the world’s most famous beach, this is the slogan written when you arrive at Daytona, but also for the motor events like Daytona International Speedway and Speedweeks at the beginning of February where Nascar’s fans take part at Daytona 500 opening season.

When I’ve read the slogan “Daytona Beach: World’s Most Famous Beach” my thought was “uaauuu really?! I didn’t know that!”, and my second thought after a quick walk at the promenade was “mmm… who knows for which reason this beach is famous…”

I have to say, the weather didn’t help to leave me a very good memory of the city, where there isn’t anything to do, neither the beach that, even if there was a sunny day I wouldn’t understand why this beach has this award.

I don’t wanna say that is a ugly city, neither that it’s an awful beach but I’d say that it hasn’t anything special to justify his award, honestly this is my experience but maybe there’s a particular cause that I don’t know to be considered the world’s most famous beach.

If you’re interested visiting Daytona Beach, I suggest to go there when there’s a motorsport event or if you like the sea when you’re sure that the weather will be nice, otherwise you wouldn’t have so much left to do. The promenade is nice but it’s a pity, some places aren’t kept so well…. the beach is nice but there was so much wind that I couldn’t put a feet there if I wouldn’t become… like breaded.

Personally if I should suggest you if a visit to Daytona Beach is worth during your road trip in Florida, I’d like to say to spend your time elsewhere unless there’s some kind of show there or you’re a motor lover and you would like to go to the Daytona International Speedway tour, it takes 90 minutes.

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