I’ve been in Cape Town a couple of times and every time I’d like to come back again. Cape Town has an hot summer between December and March and a cold and rainy winter from July to September/October. The best time for me to visit the city it’s in November or from January to late April, but it depends what kind of holiday you want.

If you want a relaxing holiday on the beach, the best time is between December and February. During this time the beaches are really busy and you’ll find a vibrant nightlife and beautiful sunny days. Unfortunately during December and January in Cape Town’s fierce south-easter wind blows strongly during this time, occasionally clearing the beaches and blanketing Table Mountain in cloud. During February the wind calms down and it’s much better!

April is absolutely fantastic (also for the better prices), uncrowded beaches and much less wind. If you like hiking I suggest you to go from late April to early June when days are crisp and clear, great weather for hiking… Otherwise if you want an adventure trip it’s better between late June to August to have a wonderful safari.

During the winter you can find a period of time that rains every day and a period where there’s a blu shiny sky without any clouds… Where you can sunbathing all day! The sky in South Africa is something that I REALLY LOVE because you can always find this blue shiny sky and you feel happiness everywhere!

A real problem in Cape Town, but not only in Cape Town, in South Africa in general, is that in winter the temperature during the night goes really down near zero degrees or less and the houses in general doesn’t have the radiators. They use electric or gas heaters, someone the fireplace. Unfortunately for me, I hate staying in a cold house, especially during the night.

Independently when you’re going to visit Cape Town I’m sure that you’ll love it! I left part of my heart down there…

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