Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city full of things to do and to discover, one of those is definitely the Ferry Building.
The Ferry Building was born as a maritime station of the city and in the 20’s was an important junction for the transports from nearby the bay where poured 50,000 commuters each day, making the place a kind of frantic crossroads.
Today the old station has became a market where you can have breakfast, buy local products, taste samples or have a lunch outside watching San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz Island from the distance.
When you are in front of the building, pay attention at the clock, whose time has stood at 5:17 of the tragic April 18, 1906, when a devastating earthquake destroyed the city.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning are the best days to visit the Ferry Building Market because there’s the Farmers Market, but please wait at least 10am because it’s a late opening. In those days around the building there are setup all kinds of stalls where you can also taste some products.
Even if it isn’t in your San Francisco attractions program, you can see the Ferry Building from the distance especially if you’re on public transportation near docks’ area, I recommend in any case to have at least a walk there!
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