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Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, Expedia… how many websites exist to buy a flight at a good price. And now, also Google’s landed on the web with Google Flights.

Google Flights is a solid tool for booking travels. I’ve used it sometimes and it is very easy to use, maybe you’re already familiar with its basic functions or maybe not, it doesn’t matter, we’ll see together how to use it. With Google Flights you can find the best price for flights, browsing dates in a flexible way and you can save money and much time. However, there are some other, lesser-known features that can help you squeeze even more out your travel budget.

When you visit the Google Flights page for the first time, you’ll see a map, along with highlighted deals to popular destinations based on your current location, or from the location that you’re signed in to your Google account.

1. You can use Google Flights setting up your destination and date

Easily, use Google Flights with a specific destination or not. You can select the airport where you land on and your destination. Google Flights will show you the available fares to your selected cities (from departures to arrivals) for the dates that you’ve selected.

You can also click “Expand Map”, which gives you a graph bar that lets you know the cheapest travel dates in your general window.

2. You can use Google Flights setting up tour destination but without fixed dates: find the Cheapest Months to Fly

If you know where you want to go, but you don’t know when, don’t worry! With Google Flight you could find the cheapest months to fly, it’s simple you have only to select “flexible dates”. Those prices are (usually) pretty accurate, but obviously, your actual results might change when it’s time to book your tickets.

3. You can Browse Cheap Travel Options By Month

Sometimes it could happen that you know when you want to move, but you don’t know where to go! In this case, you can find destinations based on month and duration. Navigate to “Discover Destinations” window, then instead of selecting exact dates, select a month and a general time frame: weekend, one week, or two weeks or more…

This tool will show you a list of popular destination cities and related prices. You can even filter by region and interest (like i.e. honeymoon, food, adventure, wildlife …).

Useful tips

1. Get Notifications for Changing Flight Prices and save your itineraries

If you want to travel but you haven’t booked yet, I suggest you track down flight prices, the prices fluctuate quite a bit, and if you want to swoop in and scoop up the best deal, this is the best way.

Track your flight in advance, and pay attention at fluctuating prices especially when you’re close to your selected time. Google Flights makes this very easy to do, because you have the possibility to save your itineraries.

2. Search Flights is to find “hidden” layover cities or use multiple-city flights.

“Hidden” layover cities are basically finding a flight with a long layover in a different city. This way, you get to enjoy a whole other city on the way to your destination.

It’s often cheaper to book multiple-city flights with stopovers than booking a round-trip flight from “A” to “B”. Do you know what I mean? For example, once I’ve searched for a trip from London to Los Angeles. It was cheaper to fly from London to New York and than to Los Angeles, so I can book a multi-city trip with a long layover in New York. In my opinion, this is amazing because you can have a stop in NY and visit the city for a few days before going to your destination.

3. Use Your Airline Miles

Google Flight recently has added a tool that makes it easy to search based on airline miles. Under the “Airline” tab, you can search for flights by a particular airline or alliance.

I hope you’ll find an excellent deal and if you find something very interesting to share it!


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