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You wanna try how do you feel swimming with seals? In South Africa you can! And the experience it’s unbelievable! If you’re traveling in the garden route you can see a lot of seals all over the coast, especially in Plettenberg Bay area. Here there’s a guided tour where you can swim with seals.
Don’t worry if you don’t have diving equipment, they can rent everything to you. My advise is to have at least your snorkel (for hygienic reasons) because mask, fins & wetsuits are available (but if you need also the snorkel, they have it). The trip takes approximately one hour and half and it’s a very valuable tour, rich of expectation, and the ticket is approximately 600 Rand per person.
The experience is very stunning and it’s worth to bring a photo camera/smartphone/gopro with you. If you don’t have a waterproof camera like a GoPro, you have to buy a waterproof case for your smartphone here.
You must know that the South African’s sea is extremely cold, the first time I’ve swam there my heart has stopped for a few seconds!!! Pay attention to the sea currents that are very strong and swimming isn’t so simple if you aren’t in good shape, it’s very wearisome but it’s really worth!
There are a lot agencies where you can buy this kind of tours, one of those is called “Offshoreadventures”, located in Central Beach Car Park, Hopwood Street, Plettenberg Bay, or if you are in Hout Bay, close to Cape Town, there is an agency called “Sealsnorkeling”.

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  • Brad Darthard

    March 8, 2016

    Hey there!I LOVE swim with seals!!!!!
    You must try ! Many thanks!


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