Hollywood Undead live at Radio Onda d’Urto Festival Brescia

Hollywood Undead live at Radio Onda d’Urto Festival Brescia

How long without listening a good concert!!! I’m here in Usa and casually I found that when I’m near St. Petersburg in Florida there’s an Hollywood Undead concert there.

Of course I have to go!! I took the tickets online a month ago (comparing to Italy, here in Usa the tickets have a ridiculous price only 25$ each). After my latests Lacuna Coil and Trivium shows, now it’s time to see something that I really love!

This time we arrived at the St. Petersburg State Theatre at around 7.30 pm later than other times, who knows if we can find a park for our car. In America you must pay attention where you park the car if you want to find it when you’ll come back. South Beach Towing says nothing?


When we arrived there was a queue, and when we entered into the theatre we found that it was really small! Lovely! I really love to see rock concerts in small places. At 8 pm the support band started to play. IMO They were awful because their song were all growling style… In short… Fail! Nothing to do with Hollywood Undead.

A short intro about Hollywood Undead. Hollywood Undead is a relatively young band born exactly 10 years ago in LA and they’ve become worldwide famous in alternative/rap/rock/metal scene. They have released 4 albums, the first one back in 2008, and every album has climbed the top charts.

But coming back to the evening, we are surrounded by every kind of people that can’t wait for the show! Finally a little bit late at 9.50pm let’s go! First song “Usual Suspects” from the latest full length! Sound quality is very good and the great thing is that we’re in the 4th line. We can easily understand that’ll be an amazing concert, amazing voices, excellent acoustics. At the beginning of the show they’re all wearing masks, the setlist goes through with the super hit called “Undead”. And then one by one other super hits like “Been To Hell”, the new supercool single “Gravity” and the funniest War Child.


One thing that really astonished me with Hollywood Undead is that all of them (except the drummer) are able to sing, play the guitars, bass guitar, well, they continuously rotate during the songs.

Voices then, are absolutely perfect, from rap to the clean parts. And then it’s time for some medley parts with different songs and to listen some old stuff from the first album, like “City” and “Everywhere I go”. After those another one of my favorites “Another Way Out” and the newest “Day Of The Dead”. A super concert this Hollywood Undead show, probably the best that I’ve ever seen, and been here in Florida in a local small Theatre, between 4th and 5th row, it’s really priceless. I can’t wait to see them again live!

One more thing, here the setlist of the show and a couple of clips recorded with my iPhone!


  • Usual Suspects
  • Undead
  • Tendencies
  • Been to Hell
  • Dead Bite
  • Kill Everyone
  • Gravity
  • War Child
  • Comin’ in Hot
  • Party By Myself
  • Intergalactic / Apologize / Bottle and a Gun / Gin & Juice / California / No. 5
  • Folsom Prison Blues
  • Bullet
  • City
  • Another Way Out
  • Day of the Dead
  • Everywhere I Go
  • Hear Me Now

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