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Hollywood Undead Live in tour again in Italy?

When? Where? Here I come! 😛

They played this summer, 17th June, in Milan at Magazzini Generali. It’s the third time that I saw their show and every time I see them live, I love the performance!

Maybe this one wasn’t their best performance ever, I saw them the first time here in Tampa, Florida. But I think that it wasn’t their fault, the sound quality wasn’t so good due to the poor acoustic at Magazzini Generali. Please guys upgrade the sound with something better asap!

Except this, something else was missing… I really don’t know what, probably the atmosphere was completely different, or maybe the location (the best performance was in Tampa’s theatre), or simply because I was on vacation and I remember that night as memorable!!

It was a very hot day and after 4 hours drive we came in the Magazzini Generali and we didn’t have the time to go to the bathroom that they started to play “Whatever It Takes” in your face!!! WWWooooaaaahhhhh!

And then with the classic “Undead”… And a beautiful mix from the best songs from the previous albums and the new ones. I have to admit that the new songs works great live! I don’t know exactly how many backtracks they’re using, a few of them are easy to find, but honestly the end result is awesome!

And check the video here below to celebrate Father’s day in America, they called on stage Carlo, a dad to celebrate with them and he didn’t understood a single word of English 😛 Great moments, especially the beer wash to the front rows hahahahah

Check the setlist here below:

  • Whatever It Takes
  • Undead
  • Been to Hell
  • California Dreaming
  • Dead Bite
  • Renegade
  • Gravity
  • Comin’ in Hot
  • War Child
  • Enter Sandman / Du Hast
  • Bullet
  • Another Way Out
  • Cashed Out
  • Riot
  • Bad Moon
  • Day of the Dead
  • Everywhere I Go
  • Hear Me Now

And now a few videos that we shot. Let’s start with Comin In Hot with Carlooooo, and then California Dreaming and Bad Moon (both new songs):

Ciao sono Marika! Sono appassionata di viaggi, natura e animali, alla ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo in giro per il mondo. Se sei in cerca di qualcuno a cui fare domande, io sono in cerca di qualcuno a cui dare risposte per cui aspetto di leggerti! Amo poco le bio, si vede? preferisco scrivere di altro, magari di quanto bello è il cielo.


  • 5 Gennaio 2019

    waow…! this is really entertaining , music is flying me high


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