How do I apply for an eTA to travel to Canada?

How do I apply for an eTA to travel to Canada?

Have you ever thought during a travel “I don’t wanna come back”? Here I am… Not so uncommon for me. I had this thought every time, indeed during the last trip to NY, and so I decided to travel some more days across Toronto.

I have no idea if I’d have needed some Visa or anything else to enter in Canada and… When I’ve checked online what I can find, and asking also to my friends that are living there, I found that since 15th March 2016, foreigners don’t need Visa anymore to get in, in particular some countries like Italians don’t need it and it’s only required an eTA, electronic Travel Authorization.

My only doubt is: eTA is required when you’re entering the country by plane, but if I’m coming from US by bus? What do I need to do? Nothing! eTA is required only if you’re entering the country by plane.

What do you need to apply for a eTA to Canada?

You may apply online for electronic Travel Authorization directly on Canada’s official website. The process takes only a few minutes and if additional informations are required, your assigned agent will contact you in order to complete your application.

To get it, you’re going to need only a few things:

  • a valid email address
  • a credit card to pay the fees (only 7 CAD)
  • a valid passport

You’ll need to complete and submit an application form and wait for your eTA to be delivered by e-mail. Remember that eTA is valid for 5 years or till your passport expire date, if this one happens before.

For any other information you can check here and also you can watch this video: 

Be careful, if you don’t have the ETA, you’ll probably can’t pass the customs at the airport. Check on the Canada official website all other additional informations and fill the form to get it. Enjoy your canadian holidays!

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