How to Move in Singapore

How to Move in Singapore

Singapore, a city-state in the south-est of Asia, it’s not very big and moving around with the public transportation is not so complicated. Singapore at the moment is one of the most important financial centers of the world, and it has also a perfect public transportation system.

Nowdays the Singapore metro has four main lines:

– red or North South Line (26 stations);

– green or East West Line (35 stations);

– violet or North East Line (16 stations);

– yellow or Circle Line (30 stations).

mappa metro singapore
The metro service is working from 5.30 am to midnight and on holidays it works a few more hours. The frequency of the trains is from 3 to eight minutes and the cost depends by distance, it doesn’t exist a single ticket but a card “pay as you go”. You can find also a seasonal ticket but if you stay for a short time it isn’t convenient.

You can buy metro card in all stations and you can use it also for the buses.

Remember that if your credit is under three dollars you have to recharge for using the card again. You can pay only with cash.

If you prefer to use a bus, you have two companies SBS and SMRT. Also in this case costs depend by distance but not only, by age “adult”, “aged” or “student/child”.
Another alternative is taxi service, the cost isn’t exaggerate but remember that In Singapore the taxi service is very used by the people and a lot of times it’s very difficult to find someone free. For example in the peak hours, when it rains or in the night or when there’s a taxi change you can wait a lot of time!

Singaporian people, usually book taxies by smartphone’s app, and a lot of times you can see a taxi that looks free, but it isn’t! It’s going to
reach the caller.

When you go away to Singapore you can ask to the metro station to have the charge inside card.
If you want more info you can visit the website SMRT.

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