How can you travel and work from everywhere? It seems to be like “to be or not to be, this is the problem” of William shakespeare! I’ve found around in the web “The Freelancer Traveler Program”.
What is it? Now I’m going to explain you! This program is very interesting, it helps on assisting remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads for a full year of travel around the world!
How? They provide you flights, ground transportations, accommodations, workspace with an internet connection, excursions, cultural, social and networking events.
It’s something amazing because you don’t travel alone and you can work!
The program allows a maximum of 30 participants accompanied by experienced guides all year around. Those 30 persons will explore 12 countries, 12 cities, in 12 months. Cool right?

This is the itinerary !!!!, remember that the destinations could change!
January : Panama City
February : Cusco, Perù
March : Santiago, Cile
April : Buonos Aires, Argentina
May : Saint Julian’s, Malta
June: Florence, Italy
July: Bordeaux, France
August: Prague, Czech Republic
September: Ubud, Indonesia
October: Kyoto, Japan
November: Tbd, Vietman
December: Tbd, Thailand
You could join this interesting adventure following this link, the program starts next year, on January 2017. The ”Freelancer Traveler” program requires you to meet the following requirements in order to participate:
– must be currently employed as a freelancer, remote worker or entrepreneur
– speak a minimum of an intermediate English level to communicate with other participants
– have a minimum annual income or savings required of 38,000 dollars USD to cover the travel expenses.

What are you waiting for? I’d like to join this incredible opportunity but now I’ve already started an amazing International Master and I want to finish it before doing something else!
If you have the requirements to join this program, please don’t let this opportunity go away, We don’t know if they’ll do it again!
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Hi everybody! I’m Marika and I’m an Italian girl.
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I’m working for myself and at the same time I attend MICAP (International Master in High Performance Coaching) and this is the best choice that I could ever made!