I’m Not For Sale!

I’m Not For Sale!

The truth, today not everyone is prepared to tell the truth and maybe sometimes other people can try to change your ideas… I’m doing this because I love you guys, you’re not only my followers, you’re friends to me, and I love to share with you only the truth. This is right now and it’ll be forever! Don’t worry no one can make me change idea.

Why I’m talking about this? Am I crazy? I don’t want to debate about this topic, I don’t want to write and cite any website. If you’re following my blog you know what I’m talking about.
I only want to say this:
Online reputation today is crucial for every company, I know it and every company knows it. And so they should be really careful about what they’re doing and about their customer policy. We’re not talking about huge amount of money, it’s just honesty, honesty for the customers, for the people like you.
Please don’t try to buy me, I’m not for sale! I want only to prevent other people be careful when they’re buying something online.


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Hi everybody! I’m Marika and I’m an Italian girl.
If you've read some of my articles maybe you could thought that i'm like a goat in english ;-P , hahaha but don't worry, I'm a goat also on speaking. ‘cmon, I'm joking! I'm an Italian mother taught and I’m practicing my english everyday to improve it, if you find some errors, please let me know, I really appreciate every suggestion!
I’m working for myself and at the same time I attend MICAP (International Master in High Performance Coaching) and this is the best choice that I could ever made!

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