Keys Island Beaches? One is Bahia Honda!

Keys Island Beaches? One is Bahia Honda!

Florida: a road trip between Miami, Tampa, Keys Islands through Everglades …. We saw almost all that we could see in a classic road trip around Florida.

The problem in the sentence before is the word “almost”  .. oh yes because I’d always love to see every little piece of paradise in all the places I visit.

This road trip, which I’ll tell you in another post where I suggest you what to see and what to do, today I want to talk about a place that wasn’t planned but it was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately the weather that we found during this road trip wasn’t the best of ever, we often encountered rain that was with us during the journey. But it wasn’t a problem!

I have to say that many of my friends with me weren’t really happy about that, I also would like to have sunny every day but I realized that when you’re on travel with the rain you can see the place with a different perspective and sometimes it’s also fascinating.

Back to the topic now! We drove back to Miami from the Keys West. The point of arrival for the night was a city among the Keys Island and Miami so we could better see the suggestive Keys’s ruote. During the route we thought that could be a good idea to stop at the beach along the road! Said and done.

The main Keys’s route, if you don’t know it, is a long road that runs through all the keys islands that are linked to the long bridges. On this street there are only places where you can stop to admire the beautiful landscape or you can visit the cities but if you want to see nice beaches, even the shadow at least, I didn’t see any of them!


Searching on the web I found Honda Bay, a beach along the road that’d seem to be very nice. We didn’t have nothing to lose and so we move to the destination: Baya Honda!

Baya Honda is located 60 km far away Key West in a 212 hectares State Park. Baya Honda seems to be one of the most beautiful beaches in America, I personally don’t know why… It’s beautiful but I didn’t see anything special to giving it this title/award!

Being inside a nature park, obviously there’s an entrance fee, the beach isn’t treated and it’s wild… very wild.

In the park there’s a camping, equipped with picnic tables, showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and you’re even going to find bikes, kayak, masks&fins rental.

Inside the park you can enjoy with various activities, several trails, including one that a ranger at the park gate recommended us, is called Silver Palm Nature trail. There’s also a beautiful walk on the old railway bridge that runs in parallel with a portion of the main Keys Island road.

You can walk on it only till a small piece, anyway I recommend it because the view from above is beautiful!

If you’re interested in all the different activities within the park I suggest you to visit the official website at the following link.

Bahia Honda isn’t a very large beach, you can sunbath in two sides both on the Atlantic Ocean or in the opposite side on the Gulf of Mexico. When we’ve been here we saw both beaches, the most sheltered is near the visitor center. The sand is fine and light-colored, the sea has beautiful colors and the water is warm, sometimes you might find strong currents so be careful when you’re going to swim there.

When we stopped at Honda Bay, it was very crowdy so we found really hard to find a place to lie down. Going here it’s beautiful idea if you want a relaxing day, but I suggest you to go during the week because during the weekend is full of people and you can’t enjoy the relaxing and loneliness view of this small beach paradise.

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    Florida… Che figata!!! Pensavo di trasferirmi là… Sempre che mi diano il visto…

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