Lacuna Coil Live concert in Majano

Lacuna Coil Live concert in Majano

Majano is a small town near Udine where in summer there’s an association called Pro Majano, that every year offers FREE concerts, yes, you’ve read well, free!, with international superstars. This year Subsonica, Litfiba played here and tonight Lacuna Coil, and in the next days also the american metallers, Trivium.

They’ve chosen different musical genres personally in this case I’d like to talk you about Lacuna Coil’s concert, that after some years I finally succeed to see them live.

The support band was Mellow Toy, an italian band, and they’ve started 1 hour on delay! A long wait, but the management did good, because at 8:30pm there wasn’t anyone in the concert area. People started to arrive at 9:30pm. Honestly, they’ve a little bit heavy sound, but I really liked them, a lot of energy, and really addictive, and the most important thing, the singer was singing perfectly especially in the clean parts. After 40 minutes Mellow Toy’s concert is finished and we’re starting to wait for Lacuna Coil.

If you don’t know them, Lacuna Coil are more famous overseas than in Italy and they’re on top rock charts all over the world (except Italy obviously), and they’re arriving in Friuli for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t like so much the concert because the sound quality was really poor, we can’t hear the singers and all the instruments were above everything, especially the drums!

In the video here below you can hear better than live! The new drummer (american) was awesome and we were astonished by his performance (we can hear practically only him), and great also Cristina and Andrea (the 2 singers).

I was expecting a lot more people here, also being a free concert, I haven’t seen a lot of people. Maybe because of the location, not so easy to reach especially if you’re coming with public transportation.

However you can see the full setlist here below, the concert has least for 90 minutes:

  • Trip the Darkness
  • Kill the Light
  • Intoxicated
  • Die & Rise
  • Victims
  • I Won’t Tell You
  • Spellbound
  • Swamped
  • Losing My Religion (cover dei R.E.M.)
  • Cybersleep
  • Upsidedown
  • Zombies
  • Heaven’s a Lie
  • I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow
  • Enjoy the Silence (cover dei Depeche Mode)
  • Nothing Stands in Our Way
  • Our Truth

The last thing is a clip of “Swamped” taken with my iPhone, but with an annoying blue light from the stage grrrr….


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