Micap Survival Camp ready to go!

Micap Survival Camp ready to go!

Another adventure tagged Micap. The Survival Camp! It reminds me a lot the idea of Crystal Lake camping with Jason… Actually it should be a good experience with our fellow adventurers…

7 night in the woods in Italy with only a few necessary things to survive. MMMM… That kind of adventures that I L-O-V-E! Infact I haven’t anything and I’ve asked to all my friends to borrow me the stuff, like a mega backpack, sleeping bag, survival kit, flashlight, clothes for 7 days… And also, to make more comfortable this week, limited food supplies, around 240 grams/day between tuna and corn and no water. We need to find it out somewhere. Flint to make fire (I didn’t know what was this) and last thing is the serial killer knife bought on Amazon.

Not much food, for me that I’m eating like an Elephant! And then the leave me with a knife… Careful when I’m angry, you know what I mean?

No cellphones, no technology, nothing, back to the beginning… And how can I post my experience??? Impossible in real time, but I can bring with me a small block notes, so I can use it like a diary and day by day I can write what’s happening, who’s becoming crazy, who will be kille… hem who’s gonna rob the food etc…

Me and Marika will be in separate camps, she’ll be in the cold mountains (poor dear), and me with Eleonora in Cozzile with other 28 people and tons of mosquitoes and probably ticks…

How’s gonna be? I don’t know, I’m going under stress of course, I hope that I will not kill anyone!!

And so we’ll see you again in 7 days and we’ll see what’s going on in this adventure, if we’ll be survived, hoping to sleep well and don’t wake up in the night seeing a scene like this one here below!


Fortunately it’ll be not a problem, because Survival Camp is from 5 to 12 of June and no Friday the 13th in between this time! 😀

If also you should be in a condition like this, I’m not talking about Jason, but I mean that you’re not friendly with camping and you have to buy all the stuff, I strongly suggest you to follow us and buy everything on Amazon, you’ll save a lot of money!!!

Bye and see you next week!

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