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When I was a child I’ve always listened the song “California Dreaming” and I sang it every time but.. unfortunately let me say that I can’t carry a tune  😉 … and you know, even now I’m dreaming California especially after an Hollywood Undead’s concert. I’ve been in USA a few times, in California just once for now and it’s strange to explain but it was one of my favorite holidays in my life.

Today I’ve got a bad day and I thought “Ok, go to the gym and I hope that Voldemort leaves me away”, I was watching outside the window and this awful cloudy weather looks like and “Independence day” and so I decided to see a TED’s video. I’ve seen an interview with Shonda Rhimes (I don’t know if you realize but I’m a super fan of Grey’s Anatomy!!!) and stuck in my head a thought: when you’re living outside a place/city you see it in a different way than living it, you (can, but it depends on you) see it in a different and special way. Have you ever tried to see your city in a different way?

I want to go back in California so deeply but I’m like a carrier pigeon and every time that I’m gonna book somewhere, it ends that I book to a place that I’ve never seen before. Okok I know, I bored you so much with my memories and now I want to talk you about USA National Park Pass.

What it is? It’s a special card that costs $80 and allows you to use it to have free entrance in over 2.000 federally-owned recreation sites across the US. You can buy it online here or purchase it in person directly at staffed sites; remember that it’s valid for one year.

If you’re a US citizen you’re also eligible for a senior pass if you’re over 62 (only $20 for annual pass or $80 for lifetime pass!!!), and it’s free for disabled people or special forces.
It’s hard to track down a full list of the places where the pass is accepted, but you can check it online here.

The pass allows two signatures on the back, so you can share it with another person. Note that the two people don’t need to be related. You will need only to show a photo ID though every time you want to use the pass.

When I was in California I bought the National Park Pass on eBay, and got it for less than half price with obviously one signature only, and It really worth the price but remember, the value you’ll get, depends on which places you’re planning to visit.

Here there is a list of some of the main National parks that you can visit using this pass and between brackets the price without having the card:

* Arizona: Grand Canyon National Park ($35 per vehicle); Petrified Forest NP ($20 per vehicle); Saguaro NP ($15 per vehicle);
* California: Channel Islands NP (free entry); Death Valley NP ($30 per vehicle); Joshua Tree NP ($30 per vehicle); Kings Canyon/Sequoia NPs ($35 per vehicle); Lassen Volcanic NP ($25 per vehicle); Redwood NP (free entry); Yosemite NP ($35 per vehicle);
* Colorado: Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP ($20 per vehicle); Great Sand Dunes NP ($20 per vehicle); Mesa Verde NP ($15 per vehicle or $20 in summer); Rocky Mountain NP ($25 per vehicle);
* Nevada: Death Valley NP ($30 per vehicle); Great Basin NP (free entry);
* New Mexico: Carlsbad Caverns NP ($12 per person);
* Utah: Arches NP ($30 per vehicle); Bryce Canyon NP ($35 per vehicle); Canyonlands NP ($30 per vehicle); Capitol Reef NP ($15 per vehicle); Zion NP ($35 per vehicle).

The surprises aren’t finish yet! There are some special days where the entrance is completely free, also without having any kind of pass, but obviously these are very crowded days with too much people. If too much people isn’t a problem for you, you have to know that you can enter for free on those days:

  • 21 January, Martin Luther King Junior Day;
  • 21 April (the first day of National Parks Week);
  • 22 September (National Public Lands Day);
  • 11 November (Veterans’ Day).

To me this National Pass is really worth the price, especially if you get it for half the price.

Enjoy the travel, and if you’re planning to visit California soon, you have to know that I’m really jealous! Enjoy so much the holidays!

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