One Of the Most Beautiful Places In Los Angeles

One Of the Most Beautiful Places In Los Angeles

What is more beautiful than to wake up, have your gorgeous breakfast and visit a bookstore where you can find the typical smell of the books. I’ve seen a lot of libraries, one of the most impressing for the energy is the one in Venice (Italy), and I’ve seen a lot of bookshops. One of the best for the particularity of the shop is in Los Angeles.

LA, my god…. I really miss Los Angeles, I really love Los Angeles, in this moment it’s better if I don’t open a skyscanner otherwise I’ll book a flight to LA..

Ok, back to the bookshop, do you know that in LA there is an amazing bookshop in downtown? Is “The Last Bookstore”! Also if you don’t like reading books, this shop deserves a walk just to see it.

When you arrive, before entering you must know that that’s an important store rule and they’re allowed to have a security check (before and after) of any bag larger than an 8×11″ sheet, due to problems with shop-lifting.

This bookshop is big and very particular, with two floors, at the second you can find a labyrinth above the bookstore, where you can find a decorated and original book tunnel that everybody take a picture of, as well as the “horror vault.”

In the bookshop you could find everything you need or want: new books, used books, records, movies, artwork, and much more.

Everything is categorized neatly around the bookstore by section so you can easily explore the genre of books that you’re looking for. Obviusly sometimes happens that you can’t find a book that you’re looking for, and so don’t worry, you can ask someone who works there to assist you… And done!

One think that I didn’t like is that there are no restrooms available …. !!!!…

In LA there are a lot of things to see and to do, the tourists don’t consider this kind of attractions but If you want to see not only the tourist parts of LA but also the hidden pearls of this city I suggest you to visit “The Last Bookstore”, you can find it in

453 S Spring St – Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

It opens :

Mon-Thur 10am-10pm

Fri-Sat 10am-11pm

Sun 10am-9pm

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