Pomelo Love at First Taste

Pomelo Love at First Taste

When I’m traveling I like to taste every kind of strange fruits that I find. Arrived at the supermarket I didn’t understand what this strange fruit/vegetable was… Was it a fruit or a vegetable? The answer wasn’t arrived late, when after a lunch with an Italian guy that now lives in Singapore, proposed us to try this local fruit.

This was the first time in my life that I’ve tried a pomelo and I literally felt in love with this one.

It’s like a big melon, when you peel the skin, it’s very thick, it seems to be polystyrene, but the slices are really tasty and juicy. The flavor is a mix between grapefruit and sweet orange.

At the supermarket you can find it already skinned in the fridges (you can save a llllooott of time). Remember don’t even try to eat the peel, it’s very harsh, eat only the pulp inside, it really worths it!



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