Review: Gourmet Garage the Best Burger in Johannesburg!

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Review: Gourmet Garage the Best Burger in Johannesburg!

Are you visiting Johannesburg? And are you in North Sandton area? In this case if you’re feeling hungry it’s time to go to eat the best Burger and the best Fillet in the whole city at Gourmet Garage in Montecasino, LoneHill, Sandton area.

Why I’m going to talk about this place? It could be strange, but when I’m here in Italy I don’t eat meat, just a few times in a month I eat Chicken and every 2/3 months some Ribs, sausage… But when I’m here in South Africa things change… A little! Right Marika? When I’m done with my Fillet… I’d like to get another one immediately ’cause it’s delicious.

The meat here in South Africa it’s something amazing, very high quality with no doubts. I can say that this is the country where I eat the best steaks, fillets, ribs and meat in general, in the world! Have you ever seen the tv show Man Vs. Food with its succulent foods? Here it’s the same.

Gourmet Garage is located inside Montecasino (Monty), it’s a nice and particular place, and it’s usually full of people. During the weekend if you’re going there with 6 people or more, it’s very hard to find a table if you haven’t booked.

This was suggested to me as the best place for Burgers in Johannesburg, and honestly after an impressive Bacon Cheese Burger with onion rings and fries, I agree, check the pic here below and start to drool! 🙂

Panino Gourmet Garage

And also the Fillet it’s something delicious… I cannot resist! The first evening in Johannesburg I force everyone with me to go to have dinner at Gourmet Garage because I want to enjoy my delicious 300 grams Fillet, medium cooked with the home made base sauce. And you, as Italian could say: nooooo, you cannot put the sauce on the meat… And I’ll say YESSSSS! It’s a delicate bbq sauce that fits perfectly with the meat taste that here doesn’t have an acid after taste (NEVER) as the meat that I eat in the best restaurants in Italy.

I almost forgot… Prices!!! In South Africa, comparing to Europe and US, and thanks to the great exchange rate with the euro, prices are good for every wallet. A dinner like this, big burger as this one in the pics and in the video, a 300 grams fillet steak, both plates with Onion rings and french fries, including coke and water to drink, taxes, tips, all inclusive… LESS than 20€ in TOTAL, not each! Embarrassing I know, in Italy maybe it’s 20€ per person or more, and here with 20 bucks you can eat amazing food in a nice place!

This is the first stop in this culinary tour of the speciality foods in this wonderful country where I’m strongly suggest you to visit at least once or maybe ten times in your life. In the meantime if you want to see the full menu, go to Gourmet Garage official website  where you can also book a table there.

Here below a video (in italian) taken the first evening where we had dinner obviously here at Gourmet Garage, Montecasino… Delicious! Enjoy!

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  1. Victoria June 11, 2018 at 7:56 am - Reply

    I love that he said ‘my version of best burger ever’. ‘The best’ is a matter of preference anyway

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