Review: The Meat Company and The Amazing Super Aged Meat

Review: The Meat Company and The Amazing Super Aged Meat

Where’s my fillet steak? 🙂

This is my first question… You know, if there’s a place in the world where you could become addicted to the good meat, it’s South Africa! Yes, it is!
If you’ve already read my post about the Gourmet Garage, my favorite place where you can have an awesome burger and steak, and saw the video, probably you know what I am talking about…

You guys have to believe me: I’ve never eat so many damn good meat meals like here. Honestly S.A. is really famous about the meat quality, but I didn’t know it before…

Let’s talk about The Meat Company

And so, we’re here to talking about an alternative to the Gourmet Garage, and this is The Meat Company. A name that talks about itself.

While the Gourmet Garage is more like a pub than a restaurant, Meat Company is a classy restaurant. Meat Company is located in a building exactly in front of the Gourmet Garage inside Montecasino (LoneHill), they’re close but it doesn’t matter, you can chose one of them just to change… You can’t have dinner always in the same place… Or maybe yes? 😛


Ok, The Meat Company is a franchise, but not one with low quality, this is famous for quality and their super aged meat.
On the menu you can choose between the classic fillet 250g or 500 grams, prime ribs, T-Bone steak, Sirloin and Rump obviously with fries and onion rings on the side.

Shame that I can eat only one of those beauties!!! Believe me, I’ve been here more that 4 times and my choice was been always the fillet! I’ve tried in other places the classic T-Bone, yeah, that’s good and I can find a good one also in Italy.

This is what I ate at The Meat Company

I chose a 250 grams fillet medium cooked with onion rings and fries… It was soooo tasty! Damn good! They’re used to put some sauce above the meat and also in this case fits really good the taste, not overhang the flavor because it’s extremely delicate. WoW! The meat is cooked perfectly, and when I used the knife it was like cutting butter… And the first bite… Absolutely delicious!
When I’ve finished my meal I was attempt to order another one!!! Thank God that was Marika with me, she helped me to keep my cholesterol level in the average here in South Africa, if it wasn’t for me… Fillet every day! hahahahaha


And talking about the prices at The Meat Company

And so talking about the prices… Just a little bit more than Gourmet Garage and you can spend around 25 euro in TOTAL! I can’t compare this to the rest of the world…
Usually we don’t drink wine, and at this price we get a coke and a beer. If you could be interested to drink wine the grand total could increase to 30 euro… Nothing more!

Now it’s almost done, believe me it’s 11:58pm and honestly I’m feeling hungry watching those pictures… Thank God that I’m far away from this place… Otherwise I could grab the car and go there to get my Fillet!!!

One only possible collateral damage: this meat is super aged, so you stomach couldn’t digest very good. It has happened to me once, and the same to a friend.

You guys, if you’re visiting South Africa, you’ve got another place where you can go to eat, I hope that you enjoyed my experience!


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