Happens also to you that when you’re traveling or simply with your friends and you want to take a pic and there’s always someone outside the photo because he has to take the picture?
Well now you have the solution to this problem: the Selfie Stick! What is it? A new wonder! The Selfie Stick is an extendable “arm” where you can put your phone or camera at the top and stretch it to the right distance take (finally) the best group picture of ever. I bet that you’d like to know how can you take a picture from the distance with you phone.
Easy, there’s a remote control that can be connected to your smartphone with bluetooth and when you need to take a picture you can only press the button and Vualaaa!! You have your perfect pictures from the distance!
I think it’s the travel tool that I’ve most appreciated and used because it’s small, don’t waste space, portable and very useful! Also you can use it for self defense like a stick attack :-p

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Hi everybody! I’m Marika and I’m an Italian girl.
If you've read some of my articles maybe you could thought that i'm like a goat in english ;-P , hahaha but don't worry, I'm a goat also on speaking. ‘cmon, I'm joking! I'm an Italian mother taught and I’m practicing my english everyday to improve it, if you find some errors, please let me know, I really appreciate every suggestion!
I’m working for myself and at the same time I attend MICAP (International Master in High Performance Coaching) and this is the best choice that I could ever made!