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Holidays in Cape Town? You must go to see the colony of penguins! A few kilometers away from Cape Town there’s a small town called Simons Town, where since 1983 there is a colony of 2,500 “Jackass penguins”. The ridiculous name of those penguins isn’t random, but is born from the verse that is reminiscent of the braying of donkeys.

Boulders Beach Coastal Park is now a nature reserve where these animals are constantly monitored and protected. When you visit the park you’ll find in front of you a beautiful beach with a myriad of those cute little animals, they are very funny, shaking their butts when they walking, bathing, sleeping, quarreling with birds, sunbathing and … have sex .. ehhh it happens also that .. .. hilarious!

Every time that I’ve been to Boulders Beach Coastal Park I found an annoying wind, but the locals said to me that isn’t always windy (I doubt it), it depends on the time of the year when you go there.

When you arrive to the beach you walk in an elevated path and it isn’t allowed to get down. On the way to see those cute penguins you can find also their little houses, and if you’re lucky even some eggs inside. I recommend when you’re walking on the elevated path to wear sunglasses just to avoid a lot of sand in your eyes!

From the main road it isn’t easy to see the park entrance, you need to leave the car in a parking area on the side of the main street and have a small walk to reach the entrance. In any case when you’re close to the penguin’s area you’ll know it because you’re going to find in every road the street signal that warns you “Penguins crossing”! In the parking lot next to the park you’ll find a series of stalls lovely if you’re looking for some souvenirs for your family. Remember to negotiate the price!

The road that brings you to the park entrance is lined with some little shops… And one of the most interesting that I recommend you is the one with natural cosmetics. Stop there and buy something that’s worth it, all products are made in South Africa. Aloe lotion there is excellent!!

The entrance to see the penguins at Boulders Beach Coastal Park will cost about 3 Euros but it depends on the exchange rate. Enjoy your visit and remember: don’t touch the penguins because they’ll bite you! Forewarned penguin saved!

Ciao sono Marika! Sono appassionata di viaggi, natura e animali, alla ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo in giro per il mondo. Se sei in cerca di qualcuno a cui fare domande, io sono in cerca di qualcuno a cui dare risposte per cui aspetto di leggerti! Amo poco le bio, si vede? preferisco scrivere di altro, magari di quanto bello è il cielo.

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