St. Augustine a Ghost City in Florida

St. Augustine a Ghost City in Florida

After I’ve visited the east coast of Florida, the town that struck me most was St. Augustine. It wasn’t a planned to go in this city, we’ve been here only because a woman in the supermarket (obviously I’m talking with everyone that I meet) had recommended to go there with so emphatically that she convinced me to change our plans only to see this town.

St. Augustine in Florida is famous for two reasons, the first one is to be the city with the oldest European settlement in the US continental. It was founded on 28th August 1565, the day of Saint Augustine, that’s why its name come from; and the second reason is to be considered one of the most haunted places in the United States. Its residents and many tourists who visit St. Augustine every year, were able to see a wide range of unexplained paranormal activities, if you go on YouTube you’d find a lot of videos.

You can hear a lot of ghost stories in this city from all its four centuries of life and, recently, have become a real business where travel agencies organize real “ghost tours” in the old town.

Just Arrived in the main street of St. Augustine immediately you’ll find an InfoPoint where you can ask for detailed map of the city and any other information on all available tours.

The city is truly a little gem! City center, or “Downtown” is always full of tourists. If you’re arriving by car, you’ll find hard to get a park. If you leave the car close to downtown you’ll need to pay the ticket and forget about to find a free park in this area. If walking isn’t a problem for you, you can go to the roads a little bit distant from downtown and you can enjoy your free park.

Park your car always in areas where it’s allowed and there aren’t tow-away signs because there is a patrol running all over the area just checking that everyone has parked well. They usually are driving a small car called Smart (very common in Italy, in USA I’ve seen a few) and they’re ready to put a fine unless you’ve parked the car in a tow-away zone, so they’ll call the towing company to remove your car.

If you have andy doubts on where you can park your car and you don’t remember where it’s allowed according to the color of the sidewalks, read my post here “3 Rules for parking in California” where is explained the meaning of every color that you can see in the sidewalks.

The main street is a pedestrian area where you can find a lot of shops and buy some souvenirs, see magic shows, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy live music, you’ll smell anywhere food’s scent like bacon, bakery or apple with cinnamon … a lot of delicious smells!


Shops and bars are very characteristic, you can find one that sells mustaches’ items, another jewelry with a private garden in the back of the shop with a lot of hand-made items… Another shop that only produces icicles, caramelized apples or chocolate … in short, everything and much more!

Unfortunately I didn’t see the whole city as I wanted, but it’s on my to do list for the next time that I came back here.

My suggestion is to stay in St. Augustine at least two full days to be able to see all the city and fully enjoy all areas.

At the info point they suggested us a “must see” attraction: St. Augustine Distillery, “Castillo de San Marcos” located on a promontory overlooking the sea and of course to take a Ghost Tour. Except for those things to see, there are many others attractions equally interesting to see. If you’ve ever been to St. Augustine in Florida and you have some suggestion about things that I didn’t see, please let me know, commit here below, I really appreciate your support!

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