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When I’ve been the first time to Cape Town I didn’t know what to expect. One of the most beautiful things of the city is that you have sea and mountains in a few km between each other. In front of you the ocean, behind a mountain… not normal, really flat!

Table mountain is Cape Town’s symbol and one of the 7th Wonders of the World. Its name has already suggested the main peculiarity, it’s a flat mountain where you can admire the entire city with a really breathless view.

For going up to the top you have two options, you can go by walk through different paths/trails, in this case remember to check the weather forecast before, because in Cape Town, weather changes very fast, and your walk could become dangerous. Otherwise you can take the cable car with a spinning internal platform that turns during all the time that you’re going up, so you can enjoy a stunning 360° panorama of the city. At the top you can find a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a lot of different trails with wonderful view points.
If you like to going up by walk, you can choose the best path for you, start from one hour to four hours, depending by path itself and obviously your skill level. You can buy the trails map at the cable car station.
If the day is too windy the cable car doesn’t run to avoid collisions with the mountain.
Table mountain’s view is absolutely wonderful, you’ll have different points of view to take amazing photos and admire a panorama that you’ll hardly forget!

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