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During the years a lot of people ask me how I traveled cheaply, and so I decided to share some tips that helped me to save money. I’m interested to travel and have good services, but 5 stars hotel isn’t in my plans, because I prefer to spend my money traveling more instead of having luxury hotels.

I really love to search a good price for a flight or a hotel, it’s something where I put passion and when you have passion, you succeed. Now we’ll see together some tips, maybe some of those you already know it but I hope that you’re gonna learn something new.

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  1. Buy a ticket from people that can’t go
    I know it’s sad, when you wait to go on holiday… something goes wrong and you must to stay at home, but remember this, you can sell your tickets! And if you have flexible dates to start this misadventure, it’s like manna from heaven.
    But where you can buy tickets from people that can’t use them anymore? Easy, you can use a platform called SpareFare that, as I said, allows travelers to sell their non-refundable flights to other people, if they can’t use them for themselves.
  2. Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ or use a VPN to find cheaper flights online
    This is kind of a hack! 🙂 Airlines and travel websites can remember your visits by installing cookies on your browser (cookies aren’t biscuits, but small text files! 🙂 ), which can cause the prices you’re shown to rise, simply because you’ve searched for those flights before. This is to encourage impulse buying. You can avoid this trick by switching to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights.
    If you want a more powerful hack you can use VPNs to get cheaper flight tickets. Surprisingly or not, airlines adjust their prices based on your location. Install a free VPN and try different locations. If at least one got cheaper, there is a sweet-spot somewhere: buy a VPN with over 100 locations and test most of them. Also, remember to clear your browser cache every time.
  3. Travel in the cheapest days
    I know not everybody could travel when they want because of work, but if you want to save money to travel more, try to buy the flights at the cheapest days is really cool! Flights prices vary considerably depending by the month, day and even hour of travel. You can use Skyscanner lets you compare flight prices across a whole month meaning you’ll be able to see the cheapest day to fly and saving you a lot of money. Remember to avoid weekends, that could make a huge impact on the price of flights.
  4. Book flights in the afternoon
    I know what you’re thinking but believe me, it’s true! Flight prices are normally higher in the morning. This is because companies know that this is when businessmen are more likely to book. If you want to save on travel costs, then book your flights in the afternoon.
  5. Book flights three months in advance
    The best time to book flights is three months ahead. The prices become more expensive as your target travel date comes close.


  1. Photograph your Luggage 
    Have you ever taken a photo of your luggage? If your answer is no, think about what I’m saying now. Everyone knows to take a pic of their passport, but nobody thinks to snap a shot of their luggage! Unfortunately, baggage gets lost sometimes and if this happens, the staff at the airport will ask you for a specific description of your luggage. You’d be surprised at how limited your recollection is in this situation. Take a photo of your bags before, so if they lost your luggage, you can remember exactly how it is.
  2. Mark your baggage as fragile
    Ok, you took a pic of your luggage and now you have marked it as fragile also it is not. Not only this means that your bag is probably handled carefully, but it’ll also find itself at the top of the pile in the storage compartment of the plane. This means that it’ll be released as one of the first bags.
  3. Space space space … Is your luggage always too small? Roll your clothes! 
    During my trips, I’ve learned that the space in my luggage is never enough. How is it possible? Do you have the same problem? Is my luggage special and smaller than other ones? 🙂 I know what you’re thinking … but I must say it to you, I’m very proud of myself because I’ve learned how to travel with just what I need and now when I’m traveling I just bring a few clothes with me and not the entire wardrobe! Especially when you have to bring little gifts for the family, you know, the ones that you don’t have space in the luggage for. This is one of the most simple but effective travel hacks ever. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them up into a little tube. This will save you a lot of space and stop creases and wrinkles – all in all, pretty sweet!


  1. Bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go
    I know it might sound stupid but if you drink a lot of water like me it could be a trick really helpful to save money! I’ve bought different bottles to figure out the best one and if you travel a lot, my advice is to buy a collapsible. As the word says, it’s super useful. I already know you’ll fall in love with it! Remember that when you are in the airport you might bring an empty bottle and refill it once you get through security checks. Be green!
  2. Change money… save money!
    When you travel to a country that doesn’t have your currency you must change your money. I know that it’s always nasty because the change rate is bad especially in the airport where it’s ridiculous and unfortunately isn’t much better in the city or in the hotel.
    My suggestion is to use a credit card called We swap. WeSwap is a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform that helps match travelers heading in opposite directions and swaps their travel money directly, without using a bank exchange. If you want more info you can read my post here “Best Way to Exchange Money While Traveling”. It’s a must, if you haven’t a WeSwap, do it right now, it’s completely free.
  3. Buy a battery pack
    I know this one might seem a little simplistic, but it’s very useful. A portable phone charger or battery pack is an external battery when you can charge separately using a USB connector. It worth having one of these with you in case of an emergency when your phone is out of battery. There are a lot of different models, I  suggest you use this one, it’s really cheap, efficient and small!
  4. Travel Insurance
    Buying travel insurance is a must, in case of any incident, it would save thousands of money and plus you may have different benefits too. I’ve tried some online insurance companies and fortunately, I didn’t need to use them. Now, every time I’m traveling I signed up with WorldNomad, and here you can read more specifically what the insurance give to you.
  5. Free Internet Connection
    If you do not have an internet connection when you are traveling, don’t worry there are always free wifi around you! I usually have a few apps to detect internet connections or send random share invitations, which the owner of the connection has to accept. I use Wifi Map, but there are a lot of other apps that have the same use!

These are just some of the hacks that jumped out of my mind right now, but I promise that every time I remember something else, I’m updating this post about new tips! In the meantime, if you want some deals, you can check my category “Deals”; every time I’ll find a new one I’ll share with you!

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