The 6 Best Beaches in Cape Town

The 6 Best Beaches in Cape Town

I’ve been to Cape Town several times and whenever I would see a different beach and swim in the sea but I admit that I’m like a baby and the water it’s too cold for me even in the summer!!! I just did a quick and fancy dip and then I was sunbathing to heat me.
All beaches in Cape Town are sandy, generally clean and the most popular have lifeguard on duty to indicate with a flag if some sharks have been spotted and due to the sea current often very strong.

1. Clifton Beach
Clifton Beach is one of the most central and cosier beaches near Cape Town city center, about ten minutes drive away. Generally it’s overcrowded during the weekend when I suggest you to arrive early in the morning.
To reach it you must walk through small passageways between private properties. The stairways are well worth to walk though, once you reach the bottom.
Remember: the sunset at Clifton beach is amazing!

2. Camps Bay
Camps Bay is the most famous beach in Cape Town if you want to see famous people or you want to drink a cocktail by the sea. There are wonderful blonde sandy and palm-fringed everywhere.

3. Muizenberg Beach
Muizenberg beach it’s a little further out Cape Town, located on the south coast is the ultimate family beach.
It’s a very particular because you can see a multi colored bathing boxes lined in the white sand beach, which is popular between surfers. (the main pic of this article).

This is one of the busiest beaches especially during weekends with the Blue Flag (which means it gets top marks for safety, recreational facilities and eco-consciousness).

4. Boulders Beach
Boulders beach is close to Cape Town, in a small town called Simon’s Town and it’s famous for the African Penguin. Boulders beach remains the only place in the world where one can get up close to the “Jackass penguins”. 🙂 It’s very easy to see the penguins, thanks to the boardwalks that lead visitors across the beaches with a wonderful view. Read the article for more info!

5. Grotto Beach
Grotto beach is one of my favorite beaches ever! It’s in Hermanus area and it’s one of two designated Blue Flag beaches in Walker Bay. It’s a popular destination amongst the sun seekers, and those who long for barefoot walks along the beach.

6. Sunset Beach
Cape Town area is full of beaches and the view is always something great especially during the sundown, look this video shot in Sunset Beach to see what amazing landscapes you can see. Enjoy!

Credit for the video: Chris Cloete

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