Toni&Guy Time Machine by Dexter Milano

Toni&Guy Time Machine by Dexter Milano

Toni & Guy has made its first 50 years!

So, to celebrate this great occasion, the famous Italian brand TONI & GUY , has launched an exclusive partnership with Dexter Milan, thanks to which, as of October, in the TONI & GUY shops throughout Italy, is possible to buy a new version Bracelet Time Machine ® Dexter Milan.

This cute bracelet Time Machine ®, elastic and with a smile brass can also be used for special and fantastic hairstyles ! Available in five colors: black, blue, white, pink and blue, it can be bought for only € 25,00- in the Toni & Guy salons or in the store Dexter Milan, in Piazza Piemonte n. 10 in Milan, or on-line .

The most beautiful part of this initiative is that ALL of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organization “Project smile in the world “, a name which then inspired the smile in the bracelet, which deals with the treatment and care of deformation and craniofacial deformities in the countries considered in the developing world.

If you have not already bought all Christmas gifts take advantage of this great offer and gives away a smile!


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