Trivium Live Report Majano 12 August 2015

Trivium Live Report Majano 12 August 2015

Trivium! Live! Majano! FREE!!! Sure! Great season this Majano Festival 2015. After Subsonica, Litfiba and Lacuna Coil that you can read my review in this post here, here comes the moment of Trivium!

I must confess that I’m not a big Trivium fan, a little bit to heavy for me, but the concert is really close to home, so I cannot not to go… My God, how many people, much more than Lacuna Coil’s concert.

This time, not like the other time, I’m arrived here with more than 30 minutes later, just to avoid the support band called Despite Exile… Are you crazy, you’d think? Nono, Despite Exile is a band from my home town, also a little bit famous here, but after I’ve heard a few songs on youtube, I’ve said it’s not for me, too heavy, scream, growl…

And so, waiting to finish those screamers, at around 10pm, it’s time for Trivium! For those who doesn’t know them, they’re one of the most famous Trash metal bands (and metal core) of the last 10 years and they’ve released some cd that have sold very well. Their musical style goes from Metalcore (early years) to a trying-to-clone the masterminds Metallica (IMO a really nice try), to finish in Trash Metal zone with the latest releases.

Going back to the concert, a new song is the title track from the forthcoming album “Silence In The Snow”, a good song, IMO, and then with some classics. Matt Heafy (the singer) is pretty good, most of screams parts are left to the guitarist, typical, so Matt can keep his clean voice to the singing parts. And honestly they weren’t so good comparing to what he can do with his voice! But I know that’s really hard to preserve the voice after screaming a lot. This is not for everybody!

Really powerful, maybe too much heavy, but I liked them and also my friends liked them. And so my final rate to the concert was 8 (I liked them more than Lacuna Coil).

Here below you can find the complete setlist of the concert, and one more thing, I’ve recorded the song Anthem (We Are The Fire) for you with my iPhone.

  • Silence in the Snow
  • Down from the Sky
  • Becoming the Dragon
  • Strife
  • Like Light to the Flies
  • Built to Fall
  • Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
  • Into the Mouth of Hell We March
  • Throes of Perdition
  • Anthem (We Are the Fire)
  • Black
  • A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
  • Blind Leading the Blind
  • Dying in Your Arms
  • In Waves

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