Vaadhoo Island I’m coming soon

Vaadhoo Island I’m coming soon

I’ve promised to myself to write a list of places that I must visit at least one time in my life, and one of them is Vaadhoo Island in Maldives. Vaadhoo Island is located at north of Maldives, in Huvadhu atoll.

Vaadhoo Island is a paradise! Not only for the sub diving, snorkeling, but during the night on the beach you can see the luminescent waves that it seem reflect sky’s stars, something unique and amazing.

This wonder phenomenon is called bioluminescence. The fitoplancton, a tiny marine creature, is able to synthesize organic substance from inorganic and dissolve it using solar radiation as a source of energy. This process gives to the water this amazing color.

In particular dinoflagellates, a microscopic aquatic algae that contains chlorophyll, produces this extraordinary effect. Want to know more about how this phenomenon occurs? You can read Woodland Hastings’ studies, a marine biologist from Harvard University.

Vaadhoo Island is pretty empty, there are only some people that live a quite life in the middle of Indian Ocean.

You should visit this magic place at least one time in your life, to try the shiver of a walk in a “shiny” beach, with waves that produce a beautiful blu light in the foreshore, under Maldives starry sky that completes this wonderful scenery that’s already a paradise by itself.

The only curiosity… This phenomenon may occur in all world seas but it’s visible only in some of those because it’s necessary a huge concentration of plankton to see it.

When I’ve been to Maldives I saw amazing places but, unfortunately, also a lot of rubbish. If you decide to visit an amazing place like that, please take care of the nature, don’t littering anything, and respect what’s all around you!

Remember Maldives archipelago is composed by 1190 islands, some uninhabited, if you’re going to choose an island in the south it will be difficult to visit Vaadhoo Island because is too far.

If you don’t know which island to chose, read my post “How to chose the right island in Maldives”

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