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Are you planning a trip to Israel and you would like to know if you need a specific Visa to enter in the country? Don’t worry! Now I’ll explain you!

Great news dude, you don’t need a visa to enter in Israel as a tourist!

When you arrive to Ben Gurion airport before picking up your luggage you must go the security line and wait your turn to pass the security checks. Then when it’s your time to go and a police officer ask for your passport and a few questions about your trip, after that they give you an entry card Visa instead of an entry stamp in your passport.

There’s still valid the same rule for most of the places when you’re travelling: your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Israel. If it’s not, make sure to renew your passport before traveling to Israel, or somewhere else!

The entry card is called “the gate pass”. Remember that you should keep always your entry card with your passport until you leave. This is evidence of your legal entry into Israel and may be required, particularly at any crossing points or in every place you book something, like hotel, apartments, car… they ask you the Gate pass.

When you leave the country after the security check they give you another gate pass attesting you’re leaving the country.

It’s very easy procedure, maybe could be a little bit too much, but they’re very precise. So just be patience, and please arrive early to the airport because the security controls are very strict and you must pass three different security checks.

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