Whales in Hermanus on Walker Bay

Whales in Hermanus on Walker Bay

South Africa gives some beautiful landscapes that leave you really breathless. One of this landscape you could certainly find in Hermanus.
Hermanus is a South African city near Cape Town, that overlooks Walker Bay; this city’s become famous because during the winter and the spring you can see the whales. In October there’s also Hermanus Whale Festival to celebrate the return of these huge, and magnificent cetaceans in Walker Bay.
This feature has made Hermanus a must see on tourist guides that ran along southern coast to the Garden Route, another pearl that you should’t miss in South Africa.
In Hermanus lives also a one of a kind man and his name is Godleck Bulani, and he’s the only whale crier in the world. His task is to announce whales arrive in the bay.
When the sight is blowing with all the breath in a horn made of kelp, a seaweed called dark “sea of bamboo”.
Inhabitants Hermanus called Godleck, Zollie. Zollie in september and october is always in the beach, and he write down in a slate around his neck the best locations for whales watching, in an alphabet similar to Morse code.

If you want to spot the whales when swimming in the bay you can follow the trail in to the rocks, pay attention where you put your foots. In the old harbor you can listen the whales! In the Old Harbour Museum you can listen the whales sound played after being recorded by a microphone placed underwater in the bay. What about the sound of the whale is something fascinating that I wish to hear!
When he sees them, he puffs with all his breath inside a kelp horn (a dark seaweed called “sea of bamboo”). Zollie (this is the nickname of Godleck) is always on the beach between September and October, writing down on a small slate around his neck in an alphabet similar to Morse code, the best places where you can see whales.
Those impressive cetaceans can reach 18 meters of total length and to see them when they’re swimming into the bay, you can follow the trails on the rocks. Please I recommend to be really careful where you put your feets.
In the old harbor you can also listen the whales! Go to the old harbor museum and you can listen this sign after being recorded by a undersea microphone placed in the bay. What to say… whale sings is something unbelievable that I wish you can hear it at least once in your life!

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