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South Africa isn’t only good food in lovely restaurants and the amazing weather (OMG it’s summer almost 9 months a year), it’s also great landscapes and beautiful animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras and a lot more!

When we’re in this lovely country we love to visit everything there. At the moment believe me or not, we haven’t been to the Kruger National Park… I know I know, you’d say “and what did you do down there???” There’s a lot more to do and see in South Africa and we haven’t been at the Kruger National Park only because when we were there it wasn’t a good time to visit the Park. It’s not suggested to go there during the summer, ‘cause of Malaria… There are a lot of mosquitoes that can spread the virus ONLY in the Kruger National Park area, don’t worry!!! We know this thanks to our friends that live in Johannesburg.

And so we found something else to do… And believe me… There is A LOT!!! So today I’d like to talk about this beautiful park called Rhino Lion Reserve… Please note that this isn’t the famous Lion Park located in Johannesburg are, it’s a different reserve! We found randomly this park because we were searching for an area called The Cradle of Humankind and when we were on a street we saw on the other side of the street 2 giant Giraffes… Really close to the street inside a big area surrounded by electric fence.

We immediately stopped the car and we went to the small restaurant/pub there and we saw this beauty in the pic here below! You can feed the giraffe there! We took a lot of stunning pictures and we decided to visit also the reserve.

Once you’re inside you can drive following the signs and reach the lion reserve where you can see a lot of lions, including the beautiful white lion.

You have to know that the entrance to the main park is FREE, and you have to pay only to see the Lions and the Wonder Caves… Obviously, I suggest you pay the full ticket and see everything because it’s cheap and really worth it. Anyway if you want to spend an afternoon there, you can visit for free the reserve and see a lot of animals, like giraffes, rhinos, ostriches gazelles and much more!

Talking about prices, the full ticket including lion reserve and Wonder Caves is like 15 euro per person… Very expensive eh! 😀

The last thing is those beautiful videos that I’ve taken there, enjoy:

This is the full address Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, 520 Kromdraai Rd. (D540), Kromdraai, Krugersdorp, 1739
Please note that couldn’t be easy to reach using the GPS, because in South Africa google maps isn’t so perfect ;-(

In the next post I’ll talk about the Wonder Caves… Keep following me!

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  • Andrea

    1 Marzo 2017

    Sembra che a Johannesburg ci siano molte cose da vedere, mentre la maggior parte degli europei la salta completamente, anche a causa dei racconti terrificanti di criminalità….. Grazie O per aver condiviso queste esperienze. Avere degli amici del posto le rende decisamente più interessanti e meno turistiche.

    • 7 Marzo 2017

      Ciao Andrea,
      a Johannesburg c’è tantissimo da vedere però nessuno si ferma mai. Il Sud Africa è un posto incantato te lo assicuro!


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