We were in Johannesburg, in my lovely South Africa, and we were taking a relaxing coffee on Sunday morning at Fourways Mall (near Lonehill) when I saw Adventure Golf. Mmmm… Amazing great weather, we have time, so it’s great day to play mini golf.

You know, sometimes you need a break and what is the best decision if not staying in the nature and have fun? That’s what we’ve done, look the video here below and enjoy it!

Adventure Golf is located at the Fourways Mall Shopping Centre in Fourways (Sandton), a cool and safe area. The paths are immersed in quiete surroundings of thick lush vegetation and beautiful ponds, and has 3 different courses consisting of 9 holes each.

As you play your way through the multi-level putting greens in this wonderful minigolf, you will find yourself crossing meandering streams on stepping stones and walking on long bridges across ravines. The game becomes ever more intriguing and challenging when you find yourself playing through caves surrounded by large boulders, exotic plants and flowing waterfalls.

I don’t even tell you how many balls we’ve lost in the water in the rivers that are crossing the holes! hahahahah! It wasn’t a problem if you lost a ball in the water you’re supposed to return to the main entrance and they’ll provide you a new one!

Game tickets are always valid, can be used at any of their courses and can be saved for another day. I tell you this because all 3 games could least for 2 and half hour or maybe more if you’re playing in 4 people!

Prices are (as always) really good and cheap for european people… 1 ticket, including all 3 courses is like 5 euro per person… Opening time: Summer open everyday from 9:00 to 22:00. Winter (1st May to 31st August) open Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00 and Friday to Sunday from 9.00 to 22.00.

If you want more information click the following link and visit their official website.

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