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Maybe, just maybeย you’d have the ideaย that I love to Travel ๐Ÿ™‚ .. YeSSS! And now I’ll share with you a little secret! I also love to see the organic markets around the cities! Why? because there are a lot of fresh and tasty foods, funny and polite people and because I love to stay around and look everything!
I’ve already wrote an article of about Fourways Organic Market and this time I want to share with you a video so you can see with your eyes what amazing place is this! Pick up your pop corns, sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

Hi everybody! Iโ€™m Marika and Iโ€™m an Italian girl. If you've read some of my articles maybe you could thought that i'm like a goat in english ;-P , hahaha but don't worry, I'm a goat also on speaking. โ€˜cmon, I'm kidding! I'm Italian mother tongue and Iโ€™m practicing my english everyday to improve it, if you find some mistakes, please let me know, I really appreciate every suggestion. Iโ€™m working for myself and at the same time I attend MICAP (International Master in High Performance Coaching) and this is the best choice that I could ever made!

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