Where to do grocery shopping in Singapore ?

Where to do grocery shopping in Singapore ?

I’m living in Italy and when I arrived to Singapore I’ve been very surprised. This city makes me feel really safe when I’m walking around alone, everything works fine, everything’s so clean … I don’t know why but it seems to be in another dimension. Unfortunately not everything is perfect, the cost of living is very high and if you need to stay like me for a long time and you have a possibility to cook you must know where to go to buy food with a good price.

One of the most famous hypermarket is called Cold Storage, you can find it everywhere and it’s very expensive but this is a great place for special items or odds and ends.
If you are sushi addicted like me, I suggest you to buy some at Cold Storage, it’s very good, tasty and fresh!

I’ve tried different kind of hypermarkets and I suggest you to go shopping at Giant. I used to go at Giant at the mall close to the bridge linking Singapore to Sentosa island.

The shopping center is like a maze and looking for Giant is quite difficult, like to find the Holy Grail, you must go at the end of Cold Storage, go ahead and straight on you’ll find Giant. If you don’t, try to ask someone there.

Giant stores are all over the island and they have nearly everything you need. They’re also great for cheap household items if you don’t have time to trek out to Ikea. You can go on Giant’s online store too, if you like.

At Giant you can find also some office supplies. I know that maybe for you this isn’t an useful news but believe me when I was looking for a block notes, I haven’t found a place where to buy one. The only one was a stationery store for around 25 euro each… I’d really love to know this before.

Like I said before there are several hypermarkets, you can find also FairPrice, it’s also very expensive but they have a good selection of organic products, fresh fish, meat, and alcohol. Sheng Siong is another famous grocery store, but very difficult to find because it’s generally tucked “off the beaten path.”

Sometimes I’ve been also to Mustafa, an indian shopping mall, but it’s always very crowded of people, and you can find everything-you-could-possibly-need-to-survive. It has cheap products and loads of items to stock in your kitchen.

Singapore is a very expensive city and the best way to save a lot of money is going to buy the food directly to those malls, rather eating everyday at the restaurants.

It’s a very beautiful city enjoy it!

Book the tickets in advance and save time!

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