Last month I was looking for a flight, and in the comparators websites Travelgenio was the one with the best price. I’ve tried to make a simulation purchase because many times the price seems to be cheap and then when you arrive at the end of the shopping cart you find that the website adds some extra taxes that they neither know why they’re asking. 🙂

After several tries on differents webites I’ve decided to buy the tickets. I don’t know why but for some reasons they didn’t accept my master card and the booking failed.

I wasn’t very convinced to buy the tickets on Travelgenio, after this I thought “it will be the fate that something went wrong.” After that I looked directly on the airline website and I realized (thankfully!) that the price was lowered so I decided to buy the tickets directly from them and take away any worries.

The payment went right and I felt better to have bought the tickets directly to the airline company instead to Travelgenio.

Two weeks after my purchase I checked my credit card statement and I noticed that Travelgenio held me 31,39 € apparently without a reasons. I waited some more time, I was thinking it was just a deposit… I wrote to the customer care and they said to me that the amount was to manage the reservation and they aren’t refundable for any reason.

Here below in attachment the answer.

Schermata 2016-03-07 alle 09.45.41

Personally it’s never happened before on other websites, and believe me when I say this because I bought a lot of tickets online, not only for me but also for my friends!

The reason that a ticket costs less on a website compared to others is definitely important but not determinant on my choice.

I hope that someone has got a better experience with Travelgenio, indeed certainly there’s someone… otherwise they couldn’t exist!!

My Travelgenio experience is absolutely negative and certainly I’ll never buy anymore on this site. Dear Travelgenio I’m sorry but this is not the right way to answer to your customers, and IMO those 30€ that you took from me are completely without any sense. I didn’t book anything, because my credit card was refused!!!

Please guys this is my advise: Don’t look only at the lowest price, check also the reliability of the company before buy!! Lesson learned!

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